Illegal Gambling Despite Curfew

A curfew was used as part of the Corona emergency brake. This takes effect from 10 p.m. and continues until 5 a.m. During this time, you may only leave your own apartment for important reasons. Operating and participating in illegal gambling is definitely not one of them. Nevertheless, the police were able to take hold of some illegally operated games of chance last weekend.

Although the incidence in Lower Saxony was 165 last weekend, the police were able to secure several playground equipment. These were in a private apartment. The owner of the devices has probably been investigated for a long time, as the devices were only found because the police had a judicial search warrant in their hands. As part of the search, not only the playground equipment but also money were found. According to the police, it was a typical denomination of the notes that are common for games of chance.

The person concerned was also investigated for drugs. This suspicion could not be confirmed during the search. Nevertheless, the police regard the operation as a success, as five playground equipment was confiscated . It was not publicly announced whether players were present.

In Hessen, the police were a little more successful. Two restaurants were searched here over the weekend. In one there were five people who were involved in gambling . Here, too, the curfew was disregarded. It goes without saying that a complaint was filed not only against the operator of the game of chance but also against the players. This is because not only the curfew was violated, but the general corona measures.

The police in Raunheim were even more successful. At least 12 people were found there who were engaged in gambling. In addition, a total of 8,000 euros was secured . First and foremost, reports were filed for violating the corona measures. The extent to which it was illegal gambling has yet to be determined. This approach seems a bit questionable, as all casinos and amusement arcades are currently closed due to the corona pandemic. Thus, at the moment it is always an illegal game of chance.

Only fans of roulette and certain card games will have to do without it in the future. According to the new German State Treaty on Gambling, these games of chance may no longer be offered. As long as the local casinos remain closed due to the corona pandemic, there is also a risk in this area that players will resort to illegal offers. If this is the case, the mandate of the State Treaty on Gambling would not have been fulfilled. It was created to protect the players and prevent illegal providers.

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